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The challenge

Design a questionnaire tool prototype to connect small and medium-sized businesses with relevant information about a large brand's services.


The brand provides computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments.

The brand wanted to target small and medium business and IT decision-makers to digitally transform their organisations.

The outcome

A responsive web app questionnaire tool prototype handed over to development, tested internally and used both to communicate clearly with the client and help other teams to plan content and timelines.


Content team, Project Managers, Strategists, Dev team, Junior UX designer


UX Design, UI Design

Project type

Discovery and delivery

Business person using the SMB tool on a phone

Clarity through diagrams

I chatted with the consulting team about the wider discovery process with the client and asked:

  • Who are the target audience?
  • What are their typical pain points and needs?
  • What are their biggest priorities?

I created a flow diagram with the information I had been provided with and checked in with the team to ensure I had a correct understanding of all the product requirements, adjusting the flow as necessary during these early conversations.

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Prototypes bring alignment and understanding

I quickly created a basic mobile prototype with lorem ipsum copy, incorporating the user flow agreed with the consultants.

This allowed for deeper understanding across all teams and helped to save time through communicating visually.

I checked in with the Junior UX designer, filled them in on the context and goals and planned out remote user testing with them. I offered feedback on testing scripts and recording materials to ensure any assumptions or questions around usability that had occured whilst I had been designing were covered.

SMB tool on desktop

Test, iterate, deliver, repeat

We tested out our prototype, now more refined, with 5 participants.

Key changes were:

  • Making the progress bar a single colour for visual clarity
  • Refining error messaging
  • Removing sticky buttons on forms to maintain focus on the content

Along with the team, I presented the testing results and prototype to the client and discussed plans for the production designs.

Following this I created production-ready prototypes across web, tablet and mobile with custom illustrations, based on the client's brand guidelines, and handed these designs and assets over to the dev team for implementation and further testing.

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