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Cultivate by Farmdrop

Health tracking
with a difference

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The challenge

Design an app prototype in 2 weeks which provides customers with an opportunity to track their health and book onto events.


Farmdrop is a British sustainable and ethical food delivery company which provides customers with farm-fresh food, locally-sourced fish, everyday essentials and household goods. They are on a mission to “fix the food chain” and pay farmers 70% of profits made from food they sell.

The outcome

In just 2 weeks our team of 3 researched and created a high fidelity prototype of an app that gamified health tracking. Through syncing shopping points and viewing health data, Farmdrop customers could unlock events to attend with their friends.


Oliver Shaw, Christine Anh Hoang, Louise Hill


UX Research, Strategy, Branding, UI Design

Project type


Full user research article on Medium

Cultivate home screen

"I feel guilty when I don’t reach my health goals"

Monica, target Farmdrop customer

Surveys and interviews with Farmdrop customers and target future customers showed an audience who regularly track their fitness with technology and lead very healthy lifestyles.

So how could Farmdrop help?

We noticed a trend in feeling guilty or bad when not hitting lifestyle goals. We saw an opportunity to offer health-tracking with an unique twist...

Cultivate welcome screen Cultivate how it works screen Cultivate sync screen

“I could quite fairly be accused of being a founder who is more driven by ethics than profit—because I am”

Ben Pugh, CEO, Farmdrop

We had to incorporate Farmdrop’s values and culture. We needed to create a product which fitted seemlessly with their current mix of apps and services.

We had to be carefull to consider ethical implications around data collection. We needed to build trust and make sure the user would be fully in control of how they share and track their data.

Cultivate booking on a phone

“Relaxing for me is doing fun activities with my friends”

Alma, Farmdrop customer

We noticed another nice business opportunity. Our interviewees led busy social lives and loved to attend events with their friends. When we asked how they found out about Farmdrop we discovered it was typically through a friend’s recommendation, so we knew inviting friends along to events through a free ticket could be a great way to further build the Farmdrop community.

Enter Cultivate—an app which rewards customers for making healthy choices through unlocking fun events to attend with friends, whilst offering a more balanced approach to keeping fit and healthy.

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